Gym Equipments - innovative leasing corporation with focus on the European fitness and wellness industry

  •, with headquarters in Munich is an innovative leasing corporation specializing in manufacturer leasing in market niches of product/movables leasing.
  • Main focus is the fitness industry. (LP) strives to become leading provider in Europe.

  • LP will achieve this ambitious target through
    • concentration on the cooperation with the best international manufacturers in this industry
    • a very broad financing basis with exclusive refinancing partnerships
    • a qualified and international management team.
  • This enables to offer excellent financing solutions medium-term in EUROPE

Innovative financing solutions from a full service provider and 360° approach

Innovative financing solutions through LP

  • Core product in the German speaking countries is financial leasing
  • In other countries the ideal financing is adapted to the respective country conditions: for example "renting" instead of "leasing" in Spain
  • Leasingpartners strives to "breathe new life" into the branch for the financing of fitness equipment through new financing products
  • Medium-term innovative solutions will, among others, be:
    • terminable contracts with variable terms
    • reduced rates through longer terms ("medicine equipment")
    • operate leasing as "master discipline"
    • usage-dependant leasing contracts and terms (for example for devices with key-systems)